Mini-reunion 2004 Photos
St. Petersburg, FL

March 17-20, 2004

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2004_0317_1847Art&Millie.JPG (62879 bytes) 2004_0317_1943Captain.JPG (48696 bytes) 2004_0318_0900GroupCoastGuardStation.JPG (70074 bytes)
At & Millie Playing Bingo Group at the Coast Guard Station
2004_0318_1103AngelMen.JPG (56771 bytes) Reunion Trip 068a.jpg (531851 bytes) 2004_0319_1844GroupEatingIceCream.JPG (47488 bytes)
Angel with LST Crew Jeanette & June Swinging by the Pavillion Eating Ice Cream
2004_0319_2056HerbDice.JPG (54084 bytes) 2004_0319_1943MelBeatrice.JPG (64039 bytes) Reunion Trip 096anancyJeannie.jpg (295579 bytes)
Herb rolling dice Mel & Beatrice Karlin Nancy and Jeannie
2004_0320_1930Captain.JPG (84191 bytes) Reunion Trip 091a.jpg (80860 bytes)
Elizabeth, our server at Po Folks (what a hoot!) The Captain at Po Folks dinner Captain Eugene and Mina Leavitt
Reunion Trip 097aBob.jpg (184132 bytes) 2004_0320_2028AllGroup.JPG (63624 bytes) 2004_0320_2020MenGroup.JPG (70659 bytes)
Bob Hookness

The Entire Group

The Men Group
2004_0320_2025LadiesGroup.JPG (88909 bytes)  
The Ladies Group