Reunion 2003 Photos

Oct. 15 -18, 2003
Branson, MO
Ramada Inn and Conference Center
Hosted by Suzanne Mott and Mike David

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2003_1017_1052AllatSign.JPG (58170 bytes) TheFields.jpg (51476 bytes) VeteransMuseum.JPG (63529 bytes)
All the Group in front the Ramada Inn and Conference Center prior to boarding the Duck The Fields, The Sanders daughter and son-in-law In Front the War Museum
2003_1018_1946DaveMicheleGetPlaques2.JPG (58015 bytes) 2003_1018_1932BanquetDoorprizeBarb.JPG (126040 bytes) 2003_1018_1952MaryBarbDrawNames.JPG (80933 bytes)
Michele Williams and David Sivanich receive plagues in recognition of hosting last year's reunion Barb Sivanich made a money tree with the LST ship and all the crew on it. Mary Hutchinson helps Barb with the door prize drawings
2003_1018_1953GeraldWinsDoorprize.JPG (104282 bytes) 2003_1018_2002MaryTheNameDrawer.JPG (89879 bytes) 2003_1018_2154MillieArtAndyBetty.JPG (47300 bytes)
Gerald David wins the Grand Door Prize (again, Gerald who are you paying off????) Mary Hutchinson, the "draw" meister Millie and Art Sivanich with Andy and Betty Farkas
Calvin & Gloria Rhodes Calvin and the girls  
2003_1018_2038MenGroup2.JPG (57713 bytes) 2003_1018_2041LadiesGroup2.JPG (56925 bytes)
The men's group The ladies' group