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                                    MEMORIES RECALLED AT 1983 REUNION

Capt. Gene Leavitt:
Ship's Party: The drunken brawl at Lake Charles, LA.

Norm Bruex:
Water mixed with fuel, main engines quitting, Gulf of Mexico

Art Sivanich:
Listening to Jim Sansone singing "The Butcher Boy" in Italian over the battle phones while on watch. Also, being on the bowser boat with Rhodes and Shipman.

Raymond Rhodes:

Assault on Zamani Shima-Mel Shipman and two others in LCVP loaded with drums of gasoline with mortars failing all around us. We were very lucky!

Billy LeBlanc:
On watch at Okinawa, P - - -, Call Charlie showed up while crew was watching a movie below deck. He dropped a bomb close by and the concussion knocked the movie projector off the table. The crew ran out of the hatches like bees.

Ken Culver:

The announcement over the P.A. system telling us that Japan had surrendered, and the celebration that followed, even though we had a general alarm several hours later. No fire was exchanged.

Dick Sable:
Having Archie Johnson yank me out of my sack while we were in Hawaii, because the oil purifiers were running while I was ashore and discharged the fuel oil onto the main deck. The whole crew had to clean up the mess.

Earl Leister:
The night the steering went out when we were in the convoy to Okinawa. Scared HELL out of me! The Captain wasn't happy either. But we made it. (Whew) 

I'm sure that we will hear many tales that top these. Some facts that were revealed last year came as a surprise to many of us. Did you know that there were three stills aboard? That explains why some of the crew were happier than the rest!

Remember the radio broadcast by Tokyo Rose when she mentioned the LST 793 carrying the 77th Infantry Division?

The untold mystery of the LST 793's great beer caper.

                                              "WHO STOLE THE BEER?"

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