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Norfolk, Virginia, amphibious base,
Where the 793 began its chase.
The crews were formed from the multitudes of men,
Who wondered where all this confusion would end.
We had a little training designed by top brass,
The crew thought they didn't know their head from their -- -- --.
We boarded a train headed for Pittsburgh, PA,
The Carnegie Institute, is where we would stay.
What a wild eight days of frolic and fun,
But the time was nearing to man the gun.
The Dravo Shipyard, where our ship was berthed,
Waiting for the crew to sail into the surf.
We boarded our ship and were we ever green,
Through the Ohio and Mississippi locks to New Orleans.
Our ship was supplied and fitted with arms,
It had been a long journey for the boys from the farm.
We had prepared for our ship to go,
On a shakedown cruise in the Gulf of Mexico.
Panama City, Florida, practice beaches and bent shaft,
Then on to Mobile, Alabama, to repair our craft.
Gulfport, Mississippi, was our port of departure,
Panama, through the canal, destination Pearl Harbor.
Loaded Am-tracks and troops at Cocoa Head, Hawaii,
Sailed to Kwajalien, Eniwetok, Palau and Ulithi.
The anchor was dropped at Leyte, just over the bow,
We were all amazed, we had conquered the Pacific somehow.
The 77th Division, 305 Infantry, was our cargo.
Forward to Zamami Shima to destroy the men of Tojo.
Skullduggery was executed by some of the crew.
A midnight requisition for cases of brew.
The hatch was opened down one of the shafts,
Only cans were available, there was no draft.
The Steward was furious when he became aware,
This dastardly deed by culprits of the midnight affair.
We were anchored at Okinawa, when the A-bomb was dropped,
The silence was ear-splitting all were too stunned to talk.
The blast was so devastating, no one could conceive,
We knew the war was near the end, for the Mighty L.S.T. 793.
The point system was rumored for crew eligibility to go home,
To families, loved ones, hamburgers, and the ice-cream cone.
Some of us were lucky and departed quick,
Arriving home early in time for St. Nick.
The 793 hoisted anchor in Tokyo Bay,
The final anchor drop, Port Arthur, Texas,
In the good ole U.S.A.
A reunion was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota after 36 years,
There was lots of joy, laughter, booze, and tears.
The 793 shipmates had wild stories to tell,
Our seventh annual reunion is here and tall tales as well.
This tale of adventure will go on until eternity,
But this is only what I have done,
With my limited mentality.

                                                                                                by Raymond G. Carter

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