Back                  Excerpts from the Log of the LST 793

    by Noble Roberts

The following are messages I received or sent while serving on the LST 793
and recorded in the ship's log. For brevity I will indicate only the date and in
most cases when the message was received, sent, and/or passed on to other

December 4, 1944. From LST 793: We are running on our port engine. Are
falling out of formation.  From LST 793 to LST 809: Our starboard
engine is knocked out.  Take our place in formation.

February 8, 1945. 2045. To LST 793: Be prepared to get underway for fuel
                at seven  thirty.  Orders will come by messenger in the morning.

February 20, 1945. 1330. To LST 793 Gr.30: Departure uncertain. Be prepared
                to get underway on one-half hour's notice. Call for unit is "Pony Express"
                and for Charlie Tare Uncle is "Sol Pluvius."

March 11, 1945. To all LST's of flotilla 16: All LST's are expected to be at
            general quarters from 1000 to 1100 tomorrow conducting anti-aircraft
            tracking exercise.

March 14, 1945. To all LST's of Group 21: Check to see that all material supplied
            to Wave boats and   Bowser boats and personnel are fully equipped
            and ready.

March 23, 1945. 0700. From LST 793 to LST 946: Have three-day-old
                appendicitis case aboard. Enlisted AUS. Doctor aboard advises
                operation. Instruments and trained help inadequate. Advise. 0950.
                Sterilized equipment needed.  Four sheets, eight towels, fifty by four
                by four, four right angle refractors, four operating gowns, spinal

March 24, 1945. 1100. From Squad LST 47 to Krause Group 79: Inform
                commander. No change in assault plan. Intervals between Waves in
                column from Wren to line of departure allowed to eliminate jamming
                behind line of departure. Navy control officer will be informed by Army
                control officer on morning of Love minus six. 1100. To all LST'S: Snap
                out of it. Emergency signals are executed on sight.

March 26, 1945. 0800. To LST's 796, 793, 464, and 946: Submit to this
                command at 0900 daily fuel and water reports as of 1200 in form
                prescribed in Article-3633-USF IOA.

                (Note: these were the four LST's that made the initial landings on
                Kerama Retto,  Zamani Shima Ryukus Group on Love minus six. NR)

March 27, 1945. From LST 793 to P1079: Casualty brought aboard this
                morning. Would like to get him aboard a ship with hospital facilities.
                From LST 793. 1250: Have quite a bit of army gear to clear away
                from LCT. Launching may be later than 1500 but will try to make
                schedule. 1300. Don't start unless you can complete today. 1440.
                Unable to launch LCT in time specified due to stuck wedge irons
                securing same for sea. 1504. Launch LCT first thing in the morning.

March 29, 1945. 0800. From A Squad LST 47 to LST 793: Send 22 drums
                eleven per boatload to small island immediately south of Violet
                Zebra One immediately and expedite. From LST 793 to Squad
                LST 47. 1500. All troops aboard except those loading supplies
                on beach. These to be brought aboard. Are launching LCI. Will
                be unable to get underway at 1600.

April 3, 1945. 1340. From LST 793 to LST 946: We have orders from Box
                Thorne to remain in present anchorage to issue ammunition. From
                 A-507 to LST 793: Transfer all casualties to Solace.

April 5, 1945. 1340. From LST 796 to LST 793: Needed for main engine
                injection filter element part #5226888.

April 7, 1945. To LST 793: Be prepared to take SC-1350 alongside for
                1500 gallons of fuel oil and 300 gallons of water this afternoon.

April 8, 1945. 1630. To all LST's Group 32: Commanding officer held
                responsible for engineering office deliverance of clean diesel got
                mixed with water to small craft.  Delivery by LST's to date is running
                twenty percent bottom sediment and water.

April 12, 1945. 1020. From Group 20 to all LST'S: ALCOM one two zero
                places reserve column eleven two five recognition signal in effect
                at zero four zebra fourteen April. 1420. From Gr26 to all LST'S:
                Expect to be a floating reserve for at least two more weeks. The
                water situation is becoming costly. Take adequate steps to conserve
                fresh water immediately.

April 13, 1945. 1020. From GR14 to LST 793: Buster six reports to Leo six
                aboard   the Pawnshop fourteen April 1945

April 15, 1945. 1250. From LST 793 to Gr10: Leo three requests time of Sugar
                 hour.   Abie.

April 18, 1945. 0530. From LST 793 to T4783: Was rammed by LSM-87
                while at anchor. Have hole in stern. Number six forty MM out of
                 commission. Also stern anchor. Am not making water.

April 30, 1945. 1515. From LST 793 to Gr3O: Repair No. six twin 40 MM gun.
                 Also gun tub repair stern anchor billboard. Reweld capping on stern.
                 Last dry-docking August, 1944. Progressive maintenance long |

May 2, 1945. 1230. From Gr2l to LST 793. Submit upon arrival list of 40 MM
                and 20 MM ammunition by case needed to fill allowances.
                 Also include pyrotechnics.

May 3, 1945. 1730. From Gr22 command to all LST’S: Will request port
                director allot all berths to me for assignment. This assignment on

May 11, 1945. 1700. From Commander Squad 91 to all LST'S: Probability
                of air  attack still exists. Completely darken ship at sunset.
                 Condition three.

 June12, 1945. 0930. From Commander Gr2l to LST 793: Request you
                anchor north of berths 307 to 312 prior noon today. Urgently
                needed space for Incoming destroyers.

June 16, 1945. 1300. From L-199 to LST 793: Request you come along
                my portside  0800 17 June.

 This was the last message I received and recorded in this visual log.
A new log was then begun.

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