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Deck Crew:
 (front) LeBlanc ,Bud, Birch, Rhodes, Stewart, Fleetwood.

(back) Bruton, Black, Rut, Jeff, Art, Bostich, Kelly, Mosschuk

(front) Capt. Miller, Johnson, Ex. Dennis, Lt. Dain.
(back) Lt. Empric, Erickson, gunnery officer, Lt. Leavitt.

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Sivanich & Marino –-  Dec., 1945  
Palladium Dance Hall -- Hollywood, CA. 


Holding a Japanese flag they captured during the initial assaults on Ryukyu islands, are (l-r) Donald J. Morehouse, motor machinist’s mate second-class, Daniel Walker, 21, electrician’s mate, third-class, and Art Sivanch, 21, seaman first-class.  The three coastguardsmen served aboard an LST during the assault landings on Aka Gima, Zamami Jima, Ie Jima and Okinawa.  (U.S. Coast Guard photo.)

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Launching of LCT 1275 from deck of LST 793  
 Zamami Shima,
Ryukus Islands  
April, 1945

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