Back                          Photographs provided by Carol Davis Crider
                                                                                     Daughter of Charley M. Davis

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Note from Noble Robert, March 5, 2014

I am so pleased to get this information and pictures of Charley Davis. The only other crew member of the picture I recognize is Richard Kindel to the right. The picture is by the 40MM twin gun crew on the stern of the ship.I have seen this gun in action firing at Japanese bombers.We also had twin forties at the bow and four single forties on other parts of the ship. We also had twelve single 20MMs. I remember seeing all these guns in action firing at  kamkazis bombing American ships in the harbors. What a sight to see hundreds of our ships fireing their antiarcraft guns at night. Ever third shell was a tracer lighting up the skys at night for miles around.What a sight!


This letter was received on March 5, 2014.