715th Amphibious Tractor
                                                            APO 235

SUBJECT: Letter of Commendation for LSTs U.S.S. 770 and
                     U.S.S. 793
TO: Commandant of Coast Guard, Washington, D.C.

I wish to take this opportunity to commend the officers and seamen of LSTs U.S.S. 770 and U.S.S. 793. From the very first day aboard at Oahu, T.H., on the 25th of January, 1945, to the day of debarkation at Okinawa Shima, Ryukyus, on the 26th April, 1945, every effort was extended to make the voyage and combat mission as pleasant as possible.

At Oahu, T.H., where the ships were combat loaded, much needed assistance was preferred to complete the task in a minimum amount of time. Throughout the voyage, the food was very palatable and amply provided; fresh water rationing was expertly supervised, allowing maximum use without endangering the efficiency of the operation; the ships were cleaner than most that we have come in contact with; laundry facilities were furnished for the men and the sleeping quarters were clean and comfortable.

Full assistance was given to make our work with LSTs less difficult. Debarkation and retraction were performed quickly and expeditiously, in keeping with the highest standards of the service. The fact that no vehicles were lost in reloading, oftentimes accomplished in rough seas, speaks highly for the cooperation and efficiency of the deck officer and his crews.

As Commanding Officer of the 715th Amphibian Tractor Battalion, I wish to state that the officers and enlisted men of this battalion deeply appreciate the courtesy, favors, and cooperation given them by LSTs 770 and 793.

If at any time in the future it is our good fortune to work with these ships it would be welcomed most heartily by all.

                                                        /s/ CALVIN F. PETERS
                                                        Lt. Col., (Vav), 715 Amph. Tractor Bn.

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