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bookcover.jpg (4990 bytes)This website was developed based on the "Book of Memories" produced for the Fall, 1998 LST 793 reunion.  The book is a collection of handouts, articles, stories and photographs shared since the first reunion in 1983.  This website is patterned mainly after the book, with the original look and feel maintained, but does link to other USCG, LST or World War II related sites.   Some additional material added.

This website is for the benefit of the crew and families of the LST 793, but also to honor the memory of my father, Raymond Rhodes.   Information was provided based on recollection of the crew and is not intended to be sworn as 100% accurate.  Images that were obtained from a public source may be copied from here also.  Photographs and other information on this site are not to be reproduced without the permission of a member of the crew of the LST 793 or the website author, that's me.  You can email me below.  You may link to this site as you like.

The epilogue from the original book read:


                                                              October 15, 1998

To the crew of the LST 793,

It has been an honor and a privilege to prepare this book for the crew of the United States Coast Guard L.S.T. 793. With each document I read or as I typed and proofread, I felt a sense of the camaraderie that you must share. I choked up as I read the words and saw the pictures. I felt my father’s presence and inspiration throughout the process. If he were here, he would have been shoulder to shoulder helping me --- he was.

The times you shared made him part of what he was and thus part of what I am. So without further adulation I offer the preparation of this book to each of you as a small token of appreciation for the service you provided this great country.

                                                                Yours truly,       

                                                                Kathy Rhodes


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