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                                                 Sent in by his son, Mark, in April, 2020

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Earl Frederick  

Public Relations Division

U. S. Coast Guard

Washington, D. C.


Local Coast Guardsman yest--- at Okinawa Invasion


This gunnery team of men from MICHIGAN worked together during the recent stirring invasion of Okinawa, 350 miles from Jap homeland.

At their post on this 40 mm, anti-aircraft gun, they kept watch during many air raid alerts through the invasions of Akashima, Zamamishima, Io Shima and Okinawa.

Left to Right: Earl Frederick, 25, fireman first class, 3984 - 7th St., ECORSE, MICH., former employee of Great Lakes Steel Co.; Richard Sable, 23, water tender third class, xxx 3481 3rd St.,TRENTON, MICH.; and Ray L Bostick, 21, seaman first class, 14476 Eastwood, DETROIT, MICH. 



Earl Frederick of 2016 New York St. Lincoln Park, MICH.

Wife; Rita M. Frederick
Passed in 2010

Eight Children: Earl, Rita Renee, Ronald, David, Edith, Mark, Patrick, James

Passed on May 21, 1981

PO1 at Discharge 



Mark and Anna Frederick
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